Bridgette Kelly (nee Connors)

  • Clinical Nurse/ Child Health Nurse
  • Five Years in Nursing

“It feels good when I can help others build themselves up.”

Q1) Name: Bridgette Kelly (nee Connors)
Q2) Current role: Clinical Nurse/ Child Health Nurse
Q3) How long have you been a nurse/midwife? Since 2015

Q4) Why did you want to you want to become a nurse/midwife?

To become a role model for positive change and choices in people’s decision making- you can make or change your own path, no matter what your history is

Q5) What were the enablers and barriers for you to complete your degree? Pathway into nursing/midwifery – how did you get to where you are today? Finished year 12, a certificate 4 in TAFE was my pathway into uni then I did post- grad cert after a year out nursing to help secure future employment

Q6) Do you believe our nurses and midwives are role models for our communities? if yes do you think it is a priority that we increase our workforce and why? Definitely! We care and look after others even when we don’t feel good ourselves, it feels good when I can help others build themselves up and they can know how to help someone next time they see the same situation. We hold and are taught skills that no other job can give you. We should increase our workforce so we can all help care for each other- sometimes those who need the most help can’t ask for it, but we can pick them back up

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