Donna Robinson

  • Student Nurse
  • Training for five years

“I very much believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and midwives are important to the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and well-being”

Q1) Name: Donna Robinson
Q2) Current role: Student Nurse
Q3) How long have you been a nurse/midwife? Training for 5 years

Q4) Why did you want to you want to become a nurse/midwife?

-My biggest motivation for completing my degree has been my family and my mob
– Knowing the amount of people that believe in me to complete my degree is a massive motivator
– I also have a strong passion to go rural and remote and help give back to my people
– I love being able being able to give back through my knowledge and experience and help to inspire the next generation

Q5) What were the enablers and barriers for you to complete your degree? Pathway into nursing/midwifery – how did you get to where you are today? Enablers are the support that comes from community, family, university support staff, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentors are engagement officers, scholarships, CATSINaM and Indigenous Allied health Australia (IAHA).

Some barriers include, having to move away from community and family to complete study. I have also found that trying to work full time and study has put a strain on me studding to complete my degree.

I started my degree straight out of high school, I started completing a dual degree of nursing/midwifery but I didn’t finish as it become to overwhelming being 12hours from community, family and the work load was having a strain on my mental health. I moved home and started studying a degree in nursing about 2 hours from community and family I am now only 6 months away from being a qualified Registered nurse. I plan to go finish my Midwifery degree in about 2 years when I am established as a registered nurse.

Q6) Do you believe our nurses and midwives are role models for our communities? if yes do you think it is a priority that we increase our workforce and why?
I very much believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives are important to the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and well-being, we are need to aid in closing the gap. I love going home and seeing the young kids aspiring for the stars and by sharing my journey with them I hope they understand that even if it takes 10 years to get the degree/ dream job it will be worth it in the end. I hope by sharing my journey they understand that you can do it with just a little love and support from community and home or myself.

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