Heather Maley

  • RN Chronic Care & Credentialed Diabetes Educator
  • Thirty-four years of experience

We need to have the chance to show our young people it is a good job

Q1) Name: Heather Maley

Q2) Current Role: RN Chronic Care & Credentialed Diabetes Educator

Q3) How long have you been a nurse or midwife? Since 1986

Q4) Why did you want to become a nurse or midwife? I was working while at Uni as a respiratory technician and thought the nurses in ICU were doing a good job

Q5) What were the enablers and barriers for you to complete your degree? Supporting myself while studying
My grandfather’s pride and encouragement of everything I did

Q6) What was your pathway into nursing or midwifery? How did you get to where you are today? I was in acute hospitals for years in Victoria and Qld and NSW and then did a Graduate Certificate of Orthopaedics and later thought Id try community nursing and that led to primary health and came to Awabakal to work for mob

Q7) Do you believe our nurses and midwives are role models for our community? If so, do you think it is a priority that we increase our workforce? Why? Yes I think we need to have the chance to show our young people it is a good job and give them the chance to do work experience and take the mystery out of it … role model to show they can do it and there’s support for them at AMS’s

Q8) Anything else you would like to add?

Working in an AMS / ACCHO is a great way for us to participate in self determination …. Primary health is important to prevent and treat disease and help our people to achieve better outcomes

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