International Alliance of Indigenous Nurses (IAIN)

The International Alliance of Indigenous Nurses is a network of Indigenous Nurses from across the globe. We work together to represent our shared and unique pieces of knowledge and our vision for health equity and self-determination for Indigenous People around the world.  

The Alliance arose in 2016 at the International Indigenous Health Workforce meeting hosted in Australia by the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM).  At the time, Indigenous Nurses realised how we share similar concerns, challenges, hopes and objectives. We spoke of this shared work as “walking up the mountains together” and “weaving strings together” and how our collective Indigenous nursing voice is absent at an international level. The International Alliance of Indigenous Nurses will address this gap as part of our effort to reduce inequity within nursing and health.

The Alliance seeks to advance the critical work and professional recognition of Indigenous Nurses worldwide and promote health equity through a strong global identity. We share a commitment to continuing to honour our cultural traditions and knowledge, and to acknowledging our extraordinary stories of survival and resilience in the face of colonisation, and its historical and contemporary consequences.

Indigenous Nurses have a long history of providing leadership within our families, communities, workplaces, and broader health-related systems and sectors. The new Alliance will demonstrate and strengthen our capacity to provide global leadership in advancing health equity and self-determination of Indigenous People around the world.

The Alliance currently includes Nurses from Aotearoa, Australia, Canada, Hawaii, and the Sámi people.  

Vision and mission

Our Vision is to connect global indigenous nursing leadership for global indigenous health equity. 
Our Mission is to support transformative Indigenous leadership with the nursing and health workforce and promote Indigenous health equity, self-determination and advocacy around broader public health issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Alliance has three main strategies:

  1. To foster transformative leadership amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous nurses;
  2. To honour, strengthen, and highlight Indigenous knowledge within and beyond nursing; and
  3. To advocate for positive change to promote health equity and self-determination at local, regional, national and global levels.

To support these strategies, we will work towards:

Actions for Strategy 1

  • Creating a shared global identity and support structure for Indigenous nurses
  • Enhancing the professional recognition, value and voice of Indigenous nurses within nursing at a worldwide level

Actions for Strategy 2

  • Providing a global forum for networking, advocacy, inspiration and role-modelling, peer support, collaborative research endeavours, and creating shared resources.
  • Building a platform for mobilising the advocacy and leadership that all nurses may adopt in support of raising the profile and knowledge of Indigenous nurses.
  • Sharing the lessons we have learnt about “what works” and about how we can work more effectively at all levels.

Actions for Strategy 3

  • Increasing critical awareness of institutional racism in the nursing profession, and collective action to redress it.  
  • Continuing to promote a holistic and collaborative approach to health and wellbeing through our work.
  • Providing a platform for injecting our expertise into the United Nations, the International Council of Nurses, the World Health Organisation and other priority global health initiatives.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this website may contain images, videos, voices and names of people who have since passed away.