Muliyan -The Eagles Eye View

The origins of the name we’ve chosen for our Consortium lie in a place and a time when we gathered around a fire that continues to burn in Ngunnuwal and other First Nations Countries.  This fire is a significant, sacred and living symbol and metaphor for First Nations peoples.  
The origins of the word gifted to us by Ngunnuwal Elders to use in our shared work, lie in Ngunnuwal Country and language where the Aboriginal Tent Embassy fire still burns.  Muliyan is a Ngunnuwal word for Eagle as Uncle Kevin explained.  It refers to a significant story for the region around Canberra and for us the more strategic eagles eye view we seek in our quest to grow wise practice and evidence based policy and standards in Indigenous Nursing and Midwifery.  The way we name ourselves is reflected in the logo that represents our shared vision.  

Muliyan – Logo Story

The logo created for Muliyan, the Indigenist Health and Cultural Safety Education Research Consortium, represents the Middle Circle of the newly refreshed CATSINaM logo.  The refreshed CATSINaM logo was based on the original CATSINaM logo painting which represents CATSINaM bringing Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Nurses together. 

The coloured concentric rings in the centre are symbols used to depict a gathering for celebration, getting together to share knowledge. They represent the flags of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Nurses. The outer black circles are campfires representing the homes (house/kin/community/mob) of the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Nurses who belong to CATSINaM. The interlinking lines are the connections/relationships with CATSINaM and each other that our shared aspirations creates. It shows our belonging. 

This painting captures the artist, Lesley Salem’s understanding and belief of what CATSINaM is for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses (Lesley Salem, 1988). 

For more information please see ‘Muliyan-Who We Are’ and ‘Muliyan-Founding Members’

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