Marni Tuala



Marni Tuala grew up on country in Northern New South Wales (NSW) and comes from a long line of healers. She is currently employed as the Director of Aboriginal Health for Healthy North Coast (HNC), facilitators of the Primary Health Network program across the North Coast of NSW. As the strategic lead for Aboriginal Health within HNC, Marni draws upon her experience of the regional health landscape as well as national policy and program development to inform strategy at a local level.

Marni brings a unique perspective to her role having studied both midwifery and the law. Marni holds a Bachelor of Midwifery and a Masters in Primary Maternity Care. Having worked clinically as the Aboriginal liaison midwife in a hospital-based model of care, Marni is passionate about improving the cultural safety of the broader health system and working towards the implementation of culturally safe models of care.

Marni is passionate about her responsibility to her community both culturally and to provide role modelling and mentoring, and enjoys contributing to the development of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce through nurturing the next generations and developing a safe system for them to work in. Marni continues to advocate for and influence systemic reform across both the health and education sectors at both a National and regional level.